Minecraft tools

A wrench tool


Worldgen is an online dimension datapack generator. It helps creating custom biomes, dimensions, features and more with an accessible interface.

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Minecraft plugins

Diving board drawing


Thimble is an open-source mini-game plugin for Spigot and Paper servers. The player jumps into the water and avoid the blocks laid by the previous jumps.

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Small citadel drawing with a red banner at the top

Fallen Kingdom

Fallen Kingdom is an open-source game mode plugin for Spigot based servers. The player protects their own base and attacks the others.

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Side of a warped wart block

Nether Tree

Nether Tree is an open-source plugin for Spigot based servers. It makes leaves of tree like structures decay when the stem is broken.

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Computer science

The letter O wrapping the letter K with a dot for the I to create the word OKI


A package manager for C and C++ applications.

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A terminal prompt


Moshell is a work in progress scripting language, focusing on the static analysis of Shell scripts.

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